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    Here are thus my quite new creations (© Lilloupatch - all rights reserved, all rights reserved) of harness for our friends on all fours.

    I again have to photograph fabrics at my disposal ATTENTION nevertheless the care which I can bring to my photos (lighting and regulation device to make the most faithful possible color), it is possible that your regulations of screen do not retranscribe colors as before.

    I sell every harness to the 30 € price with a leash about 1,10 meters, postal charges included in mini max, if you wish one sending in Colissimo, to add 3 euros. For the sendings European Union (except France) to add 5 euros.

    The embroidery is offered of course within the limits of 7 characters (for lack of place), the police can be chosen in a list which I have to establish, to allow one correct legibility. You wish that my logo does not appear on the top, said the I that I embroider it somewhere else (sure the side or under the stomach for example).

    I am going to create it of new, on which (seen the motives for used fabrics) the embroidery will not be possible, so you like them, contact I.

    These Prototypes are presented on Izumi and Ikimi who make respectively? 3,3 kg and 3,2 on February 28th, 2014.



    Tricky cotton, doubled harness with stiffer, natural fibers
    enter both cotton thicknesses.


    Cotton bias, ties by strong belt and buckle
    plastic stick fast, the whole was strengthened by Velcro.